OFF Page SEO Techniques and Ranking Signals

OFF Page SEO Techniques

Search engines have been trying from decades to give the best-searched result for the query searched by the user and to achieve this OFF Page SEO ranking signals have been taken into account by search engine.

If you are seeking for “What is Off-Page SEO?” then you’re in the right place. OFF Page SEO is also referred to as OFF Site SEO. OFF Page SEO ranking factors include the technic that you implement outside of your website to improve ranking on search engine result pages.

An intelligent SEO professional will spend 70% of his time for optimizing On-Page SEO Techniques and 30% on OFF Page SEO. The techniques you use to improve the site authority, brand reputation and extend your website presence in the digital world are referred to as OFF Page SEO.

While Google Ranking Factors are changing constantly, you need to integrate both ON Page and OFF Page SEO techniques with perfection to improve your website ranking on SERP.

OFF Page SEO  factors carry more than 40% of the ranking factor weight. Your website popularity, authority and trustworthiness will be utilized by search engines for ranking purpose.

OFF Page SEO Ranking Factors

  • Inbound Links
  • Social Signals
  • Online Reputation

Inbound Links (Backlinks)

The crucial ranking signals which push website ranking higher in SERP is inbound links and it is also referred to as backlinks. Inbound links are the heart of OFF Site SEO ranking factors.

What are backlinks

Other external sites which have links (either image or text link) pointing back to your site is known as inbound links. The important aspect of search engine optimization is backlinks and the sites which have high-quality backlinks links will usually rank better in SERP.

In OFF Page SEO techniques inbound links play a vital role in increasing your site domain authority and page rank. No matter how great your ON Page is optimized, but it will be impossible for the search engine to identify the value of your webpage if there are no inbound links pointing to it.

Backlinks represent that other third-party site owners are guiding their site visitors to refer your website for a particular keyword or phrase. Backlinks are like getting votes from an external site so that you page rank leap higher than your competitors in SERP.

The 3 most common ways used to earn backlink are:

  1. Natural Backlinks: The inbound link given by people from their preference, without any action taken from your side. For example, a tourism website adding the links that point towards the places covered in the tour.
  2. Manually Earned Backlinks: The inbound links acquired through various link building techniques. This includes things like requesting external site owner to add your site links in their post or asking people to like and share your article.
  3. Self-developed backlink: The practices such as adding a link in a third-party blog comment section, online listing directory or forum sites. The self-created inbound link will not carry much value and will tend towards the unethical way of optimization.

Regardless of how many inbound links you obtained, the quality of backlink which matters the most to boost ranking in search engine result pages. There are many OFF Page SEO ranking signal are passed by the inbound link and some of the important factors you need observe are:

  • The freshness of the backlink.
  • A frequency of backlink acquired.
  • The anchor text used for the inbound link.
  • The domain and page authority of the linking site.
  • The relevance of linking page to the linked site niche.
  • The ratio of inbound and outbound links of the linking domain.
  • The number of visitors redirected to the linked site through backlink.

Feel free to explore my article titled Backlink Building Techniques where I described the different ways to increase your site backlinks count and what all the factors one needs to consider while building links.

Social Signal

Social media platforms are the essential part of OFF Page SEO and it helps to increase your site popularity. The search engine keeps a close look at how your website is utilized by people in social media.

What are Social Signals

Social media is a great platform to extend your online presence and increase the brand value. Social media marketing play an important role for increase ranking in SERP and capable of boosting site traffic quickly.

Social signal (such as likes and shares) will be documented by the search engine as OFF Page SEO ranking factors. The social signal will also act as the backlink and most of the link you get will be having “nofollow attribute” but this does not mean they don’t carry any value.

The website trustworthiness will be used by the search engine for ranking purpose. Trust score of the site is assigned by analysing the domain age, site performance in SERP, backlink count, a method used for optimization and brand popularity.

Social media optimization will help to boost the trustworthiness of the website and also social signal is the best way to increase your site crawling depth and frequency.

If you are targeting for high conversion rate and want to boost site traffic, then improve your OFF Page SEO ranking factors score by optimizing your site social media profile and earn social signals.

Online Reputation

Along with backlinks and social signals OFF Page SEO also relies on human behaviour. Getting word-of-mouth referrals and reviews from your visitors will benefit your website ranking in SERP.

What is Online Reputation

Website popularity and brand value is an essential ranking signal in search engine optimization. It is important to list your website in online business profile when the business is locally oriented. Take reviews, for example, it can make or break your company.

If your site has a great reputation in the digital world then a good chunk of traffic will be gained through direct search. Website authority will be improved when people search their query along with brand name.

Building your brand and creating trust in the audience often contributes to your website ranking. At the high level improving the OFF Page SEO of a website often involves support from the source outside of your own website.

Benefits of OFF Page SEO

Increase in Page Rank: Search engine analysis incoming links from external sites and each link are counted as the vote. Although not every link has the same value and impact on the ranking. Page rank is a range between 0 to 10 which specifies the importance of the website in the eyes of search engines. PageRank will be correlated to the number of backlinks and the quality of links. The higher the number of website Page Rank than the more effectively the site performance in search engine result pages.

Increase in Site Authority: In most cases, the website with higher site authority will be having the advantage in SERP compared with a site having less authority value. The OFF Page SEO ranking signals will improve your website Domain Authority and Page Authority very quickly.

Increase in Ranking: When your website is stuck at the particular position in SERP’s for a long time then OFF Page ranking factors will easily boost their ranking higher. Optimizing the ranking factors of OFF Site SEO will help you get more traffic and conversion.

Wrapping Up

OFF Page SEO is as important as ON Page SEO. If you want your website to be successful and have huge traffic then you have to do both.

Link building is one of the difficult things to do but it will be worth your time and investment. My advice is to get the quality link which carries more value for your website.

Keep your social audience active by sharing the latest articles you published or latest update for your products and services. Appreciate feedback from the users and be aware of what the user thinks and react to the services your website offer.

Always use right strategies while optimization OFF Page SEO Ranking Factors. Be patient and you’ll eventually get to the top of search results.

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