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Bloggers and site owners are seen pretty concerned about their Domain Authority and rightfully so. However, if you are new in the field and don’t have much idea, then here’s the deal.

The term Domain Authority is used to express the SEO ranking score generated by a search engine for particular website domains to demonstrate their ranking on SERPs (search engine result pages).

A DA (Domain Authority) score can vary from one to a hundred, which is the highest possible score. A score of 100 will put your website on the front pages of the Google Index.

The domain authority of a specific site designates its significance for a particular topic area. It directly impacts the ranking of the site by search engines; different ways can be efficiently used to improve the Domain authority score of your website. It could include improving your on-page SEO ranking score, generating quality links and averting from bad ones, etc.

It should be remembered that the Domain Authority and Page Authority are different metrics. While one is used to demonstrate the overall score of Domains and subdomains, Page Authority shows the score for each page.

So, how do you check the bulk Domain Authority of the websites? Several engines are explicitly developed for this purpose. In the article, we will tell you about the best five bulks DA checkers available online.

List of Top 5 Bulk Domain Authority Checker Tools

1. PrePostSEO DA & PA Checker

PrePostSEO DA PA Checker provides users with a bulk Domain authority and Page authority checker. The tool is developed with the premium version of MOZ APIs. The best part is that you can quickly check the DA and PA of your blog or site online and without any cost. It does not include downloading software; the tool is entirely and easily accessible online.

The PrePostseo DA PA checker provides its user with the option of pasting 500 webpages to assess their Domain Metrics. That is the current set limit, while the site owners plan to increase it to 1000 for premium users.

It takes into account several factors, which are used to produce a very comprehensive report. It aspects that have a direct effect on the DA score are the number of social signals, volume of the website, Domain’s age, and Quality and quantity of the website backlinks building.

The produced report presents all the Metrics. It includes the Domain authority, Page Authority, Age of Domain, IP address, and the Spam Score. Furthermore, you can examine Google’s indexed pages.

2. Bulk DA Checker Tool

Bulk DA Checker Tool


Bulk DA Checker is a tool that is available online, which can be used as bulk domain authority checker of up to five links at the same time without any cost involved. In case you intend on checking more links than you will have to wait for the first scan to finish before beginning a new one.

The tool uses MOZ API; it means that they recover your website’s domain authority metrics consuming tools provided by MOZ.

To begin the scan, you simply have to access their website and paste the links in the search engine. The tool presents you with several choices; you can select the ones of your choice. You can check the Page Authority and Domain Authority using it. Furthermore, it also gives you the option of checking the black links, Moz ranks, Alexa ranks, IP address, and the Google index for your website.

The report produced once the entries have been expertly made shows all the different metrics. You must keep a close eye on them, and this could help you in overcoming the problems and improving the DA score of your website.

3. Search Engine Reports


Having a good domain authority score is mandatory to rank higher on SERPs. One effective way of finding the Domain Authority of your website is by using the DA checker tool provided by Search Engine Reports.

The tool allows its users to easily and quickly assess the bulk Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and MOZ ranking within a few simple clicks. All it requires you to do is copy the link if your website and paste it in the tool’s search bars; then you have to click on the ‘’Check Authority’’ button to get the results.

Although it is a bit off topic, but do make sure that you don’t have any hidden links and text on the website. As it might be very harmful to your website SEO ranking.

Domain Authority score can vary from 0 – 100; it shows the Authority of your website. The higher the rating the better, so there are some pro tips that you can follow to increase it. It includes improving the content quality, generating useful links, etc. Nonetheless, it is equally important to check the DA score of your website to ensure that you are on the correct path.

4. SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools Domain Authority Checker


A very reliable bulk Domain Authority checker tool is developed by SmallSEOTools. The tool is entirely free and offers its services competently. It is also the choice for people who don’t want to register or create an account for a search. Along with website DA, I hope you are aware of rel noopener noreferrer and how it will impact your website SEO security.

It gives you the choice of adding 10 Domains at once, while that might not be as high as what other sites like PrePostSEO offers, it’s still a great value to offer. To check the DA of your website, you can post the URL in the tools search bar and get the results by clicking on the ‘’Check Authority’’ button.

The report produced shows the Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moz ranking, IP address along with other information like Linking Domains, the total number of links, and region.

5. ClickMind

The ClickMinded Authority checker tool is a simple one. It does not take much expertise in the computing section to use the machine for your benefit.

There is one simple data entry that has to be made, and that is the website that you want to inspect for the bulk domain authority checker and bulk page authority checker. After the entry has been made, you simply have to click on the ‘’Go Fetch’’ button to begin the search.

The report displayed has only two results, Page Authority, and Domain authority. However, there is one very beneficial aspect of it, and that is the tool doesn’t limit its users by imposing a link limit. You can post as much as you want in the bulk DA checker, and the tool will display results. Results could take some time, though, depending on the quantity of them.

I hope this article on Bulk DA [Domain Authority] Checker was helpful, please do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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