10 Tips to Increase Post Share on Social Media

When we publish on social media, we have the opportunity to sway our audiences and win their hearts, rather than just getting their attention. Social media for us is all about the connections we make with people and brands who share interesting and inspiring content.

Unlike increasing traffic to your website blog posts, making your posts go viral on social media is an entirely different ball game. Social media is free for everyone. That means you don’t get viral just because you’re posting content; you need to earn your space!

10 Best Tips to Get Post Shares on Social Media

Many influencers, celebrities, and public figures rule as the viral kings of the 21st century only because they meticulously strategize their postings. So, just creating social media share buttons on your blog post won’t cut it.

It’s time to get more out of every blog you write by strategizing your postings on social media.

1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Before you go viral, it’s important to make yourself look authoritative. Visitors need to feel that you are a credible entity who is active on social media. The only way to do this is to keep updating and optimizing your profile pages.

Make sure all your contact information and business details are up-to-date. Keep updating various media as well, like cover pictures, display pictures, and videos.

2. One Size Does Not (Necessarily) Fit All!

Every social media platform is special. LinkedIn has its merits, while Instagram has a completely different use.  Rather than developing standard media files to be published on all platforms, you can promote your post in formats and templates that work best for various platforms.

Here are the most commonly used formats for different platforms:

  • Facebook: Videos, Images, Links
  • LinkedIn: Videos, Pulse (in-built app), Links
  • Instagram: Images, videos
  • Twitter: Text, link, video.

This drastically improves your post’s user-engagement and thereby, increases its chances of getting shared.

You can optimize further by leveraging the UI of the platforms. For example: Go for a series of 3, 6, or 9 images to make an Insta-grid on Instagram. You can talk about the importance of your post in parts, leading up to a big reveal.

3. Make an Impression With Your Copy-Lines

Copy lines need to be well-planned to garner maximum attention. Writing catchy, impactful, and relevant lines works as a powerful ad for consumers and can get instant shares.

Along with your image lines, it’s also important to present the captions in an informative and reader-friendly manner in order to intrigue audiences even further.

4. Take Advantage of Trends (Or Create One)

Most social media content is inspired by our society. When you have an idea that perfectly captures the sentiments around a specific thought or social issue, you can go a step further and connect your posts to that idea, with relevant hashtags.

This way, you give off a valuable message to people, in addition to marketing your brand. You can also start your own #HashTag about that trend so that people can track all related activity back to your social media account.

5. Make Postings During Peak Hours

When you spend time creating high-quality posts and creatives, it behooves you to post them at the right time to ensure maximum engagement. You want your posts to be visible right in front of the readers when they log in, as many of them don’t have the time to scroll down till the very last post.

The best time-frames to post on some social media platforms are:

  • Instagram: 8 am to 9 am
  • Facebook: 1 pm to 4 pm
  • Twitter: 12 pm to 3 pm
  • LinkedIn: 5 pm to 6 pm

Use a scheduler tool or a template to schedule your posts on various platforms accordingly.

6. Unleash the Power of Visuals!

Go more visual in your social media postings by making use of animated images (GIFs) or videos. Humans are wired for visual content. Our brains respond to our visual faculties faster than any other senses.

You can make short informative GIFs giving a condensed overview of the idea behind your blog, or a video that gives a gist of the idea in the form of slides with some music.

7. Let Your Social Media Share Buttons Light

The most convenient way of getting your blog shared on social media is by using social media share buttons. If you are going to use this method, do it in a way that ensures maximum clicks.

Get your social media buttons designed for an intuitive reader experience, where readers instantly notice them and are tempted to click on all of them. Use a concept or a theme that enhances the essence of social media logos.

8. Try Using Experimental Content

Social media is a great avenue for unleashing your creative skills in terms of copy and visualization. People love engaging with unique and inspiring content they come across.

You can create a variety of trivia content, informative posts, or generic engagement content based on the idea behind the main post. This way, you make it fun for readers to share it ahead in their circles.

9. Build on Concrete Market Research

Before you start developing your blog-posts, it is imperative to conduct in-depth research about trending topics pertaining to your domain. This way, your users feel intrigued enough to click and share your blog posts just by looking at the title or the copy-line.

10. Optimize Your Content for Mobile Devices

Social media mobile apps are highly interactive and intuitive these days. A user leaving the comfort of a mobile-first environment and reading your blog on an unoptimized webpage would be a huge let-down!

It is crucial to optimize your webpages so that your users feel comfortable reading your blog on their mobile devices and feel encouraged to share it in their circles.

In Conclusion

Social media is a wonder of its own in the digital world. When we analyze the Zestard Technologies approach, creating the right posting strategy can make your posts go viral in no time.

Also, social media is a 2-way street where you get to gauge the sentiments of users for any post, in real-time. Make use of their comments and retweets to keep optimizing your posting strategy for maximum shares.

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